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  • Denise Kester

    2 c vinegar, 1T liquid soap, 1Tsalt....will kill anything! (for all those weeds growing in the cracks of the driveway!) I'm lovin the dog collar as protection against those plants you don't want sprayed!!

  • Sea Trace Creations

    #homemade #weed #killer Mix 2 c vinegar, 1T liquid soap, 1Tbsp. salt....will kill anything! (for all those weeds growing in the cracks of the driveway!)

  • Tara Hilbert

    Homemade weed killer: 2 cups vinegar, 1T liquid soap, 1T salt {caution: kills everything}

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Uses for White vinegar weed killer (spray generously on all parts of weeds, works best for weeds that get sunlight) dishwasher additive (put in place of spot remover liquid) Glass Cleaner (combined with a few drops of Dawn) Fabric Softener (6:3:2 hot water:vinegar:hair conditioner, mix water and conditioner first then add vinegar)

homemade weed killer. Simple to make, no harsh chemicals, and will cost less then you will pay in the store for something similar. Mix 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/4 c table salt and 1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap and pour into a spray bottle. Then just spray weeds thoroughly.

Easy enough and not toxic. Make Your Own At Home Weed Killer - protractedgarden

Spray your weeds with diluted vinegar...not only will it kill them, but the plants and soil love it. Read how here, and see the before and after pictures.

Vinegar #Weed Killer, just #vinegar in a spray bottle. UPDATE Not very efficient, so will try the recipe with added soap and salt. // Ukrudtsmiddel: Eddike i en forstøver. Afprøvet, men ikke så effektivt. Vil prøve opskriften med eddike, sæbe og salt

8 Homemade Weed Killers - Tackle these pesky garden invaders without harsh chemicals.

Homemade Earth-Friendly Weed Preventer *Works best on a sunny, warm, preferably hot, day. Nasty weeds require two applications. A different helpful idea: Ant Hill tip: Mix equal amounts baking soda & sugar. Spread around ant hill. The ants are attracted to the sugar but bring both back to the colony. They can't digest the baking soda. Have used this for many years and it really works

DIY Homemade Weed Killer Here is what you will need: 1 gallon of white vinegar 1/2 cup salt Liquid dish soap (any brand) Empty spray bottle Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap. Read more about it here:

The Creek Line House: The most obvious weed killer and preventer ever.

Natural weed killer::2c white vinegar 1T dish soap 1T. salt. Blend and pour into a spray bottle. Will kill anything! (Easily gets rid of all those weeds growing in the cracks and seams of the driveway.)