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Ducks in the Garden ~ This is what we are getting ready to put together.

5 Reasons to Want Ducks - We love our chickens, but the ducks have a special place in our heats and on the Daddykirbs Farm.


First swimming lesson by Daniel Hübner

Basic Duckling Care - Raising Healthy Happy Ducks

The ULTIMATE list of DUCK Treats and Supplements...

Broody box - Use for broody hens to incubate eggs. Keeps other hens from laying their eggs in her nest. good introduction box too.

Duck Houses - Page 10 last picture of drain for getting the duck water to other plants

DIY Cheap Waterer for Geese or Ducks | Blue Yurt Farms

Basic Duckling Care - Raising Healthy Happy Ducks

how to keep the ducks alive during winter. I am so trying this! It was a constant battle with thawing out the water this year!

Raising Ducks 101 - HOMEGROWN

Preventing and Treating Wry Neck in Chicks and Ducklings

duck pond that can be drained.....I see ducks in my future.


Considering adding ducks to your repertoire? Then you'll want to check out these great tips for their care and feeding: blog.hgtvgardens....

duck pond with large plastic planter filter

Pond Plants Safe for Ducks... Many types of plants are safe in duck ponds. Ducks feed on a wide variety of foods in ponds including many types of aquatic plants. Duckweed, pondweeds and several common submergent and floating pond plants are staple foods for ducks, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Biological filtered duck pond

Duck pond on hill with drain. Attach hose and fertilize plants. Seems like a lot of water use, though!

KITCHEN GARDEN POWERED BY DUCK WATER. Use old garden tub built up with rocks around it for duck pond. Very cool.

Cold Weather Tips for Winter Duck Care

cute duck house this could also be used as a chicken coop

egg candling chart

♥ ducklings