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dogman pictures | Dogman Sketches Based on Shelley Rockewell-Martin Descriptions

Beast of Bray Road, manwolf, dogman - called by different names, this upright canine creature has been sighted by many people. Drawing by Linda Godfrey

All things Squatch: DFRO (Dogman Field Research Organization): West Newton Pennsylvania Sighting

Batsquatch- North American cryptid: a bat/primate hybrid. Its said to have purplish skin or fur, pterodactyl wings, and a face that combines bat and primate features. It lives in Mt. Saint Helens in Washington and is blamed for some disappearances of livestock.

The Dogman, often referred to as the Michigan Dogman for its initial sighting was first reported in 1887 in Wexford County. Description from I searched for this on

Neo-Giant is a term coined by Ivan T. Sanderson for Giant hominids, including the Dzu-teh, Bigfoot, Sisemite, and Mapinguari. It is also the name Mark Hall uses to distinguish Bigfoot from the Taller hominid and True giant. Sanderson considered a surviving Gigantopithecus the most likely candidate, while Hall thought Paranthropus more likely.

I saw this on one of BF/FB friends page. This is a replica of a female bigfoot described by an eyewitness.

Learn About The Legend Of A Homegrown Michigan Monster