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Believe us—our InfraStop® insulation will make your metal building a far more pleasant place to spend time this summer. Retrofitting instructions are provided on our website.

Another energy-saving InfraStop® project underway! The studs will provide the necessary air barrier adjacent to the foil surface

Once the radiant barrier installation in this metal-roofed building in Florida was complete, the temperature inside dropped an amazing 30 degrees!

Our InfraStop® Insulation products are ideal for new construction or retrofit applications in commercial, industrial, metal and post/frame buildings.

Metal containers make a cool modern art piece, but they can get a little warm indoors on a summer day. The perfect solution? You guessed it…InfraStop® insulation.

Our InfraStop® metal building insulation products are thoroughly tested at nationally approved laboratories and leading universities.

Have you seen the new white/foil radiant barrier product from InfraStop®? It instantly gives a great look to a pole barn insulation retrofit.

Keeping cool in the Central American country of Costa Rica is difficult, to say the least! InfraStop® reflective foil insulation placed under the metal roof made a huge difference in this block building.

No, he’s not wrapping your birthday present…he’s preparing a barn to make it as energy efficient as possible with InfraStop® foil insulation.

Keeping a metal container cool inside certainly puts our InfraStop® product to the test. Its grade? A+!