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  • MagentaDK

    ANNIE HALL Large film movie poster WOODY ALLEN, 27x40in, £15

  • Craig Novoa

    #AnnieHall #WoodyAllen #DianeKeaton #CraigNovoa

  • Lilith Pendragon

    Annie Hall (1977). Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Carol Kane, Colleen Dewhurst, Shelley Duvall, Christopher Walken, Dick Cavett and Jeff Goldblum

  • Alexandra Kowalczyk

    Annie Hall | 1977 | Woody Allen and Diane Keaton My favorite movie

  • Larisa Alexandrovna Horton

    Annie Hall. Film Poster. Directed by Woody Allen. Starring Diane Keaton. Perhaps the best Allen film of all. #films #movies #cinema #woodyallen #anniehall

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Annie Hall, 1977 (dir. Woody Allen).

Annie Hall. Directed by Woody Allen. Written by Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman. Starring Woody Allen, Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts

"...and I thought of that old joke. You know, this guy goes to his psychiatrist and says, 'Doc, my brother's crazy. He thinks he's a chicken.' And the doctor says, 'Well why don't you turn him in?' The guy says, 'I would, but I need the eggs.' Well, I guess that's pretty much now how I feel about relationships– you know, they're totally irrational and crazy and absurd, but, I guess we keep going through it because most of us need the eggs." –Annie Hall ♥

woody allen's lobster (from annie hall)

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in ‘Annie Hall’, 1977.

Japanese movie poster for ANNIE HALL (Woody Allen & Diane Keaton-1977). A groundbreaking movie..

Woody Allen, New York, 1996. (American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, & playwright)

Woody Allen was hipster, before most hipsters were born.

Diane Keaton & Woody Allen in Annie Hall

Woody Allen is an American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician whose career spans over half a century.

Chapter One. He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of proportion.

Manhattan - Woody Allen (1979).