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Sagrado Cenote a secret hide away ~ An underwater cave in the Jungle ~Ikil Cenote, Chichen Itza, Mexico. For the ancient Mayas the cenotes were sagred. The cenotes represented the entrance to the underworld. Cenotes were also the only resource for fresh, sweet water in the local Yucatan jungle. Some of the ancient Cenotes were used by the Mayas for offerings and religious ceremonies. - Need to add to 'bucket list'!

Creative Cork Plants

Mount Tam .would love to go


Sitting Bull, however (pictured) refused to order his people to stop dancing, and in consequence was arrested and killed, an act that led two weeks later to the infamous massacre at Wounded Knee, where 153 Sioux Indians, mostly women and children, were needlessly slaughtered by the US Army. But the Indian spirit was not slaughtered with them. The Ghost Dance continues to this day, and to some large extent the hopes of many Native Americans remain pinned to the prophecy that spawned it. In short, the prophecy states that the ghosts of the ancestors will one day rise again and restore peace, harmony, justice and equality on earth, regardless of race or creed. And frankly, I have to say I’m up for some of that. How about you? We’d certainly love to see your Ghost Dance videos, and any other related stories or videos you may want to share. But be careful, they say the ghosts of the ancestors are already rising up, one by one, in the cities, on the streets… Are you prepared for the ancestors’ return…?


My skull saver ;)

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Isabella's Window ~ Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England.


white world

female tree

Colorful tree.

Farm sunrise beauty

~these would make great patio lites

hell yeah

Waterfall Island on Presidente Franco, Paraguay / Iguazu Falls on the Argentina Side by Andrew Murray

Try this as a substitute for frozen tater tots.

peace & quiet

The Blue Glacier Ice Waters of Patagonia, Chile.

KoolAid ices cubes in sprite. The drink changes flavor as the ice melts! Perfect for a color themed party. !

beautiful tree