Why Hello, Don Draper

Mad Men Season 5 Cast Photos Don Draper (Jon Hamm) Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels

Such a great quote.

"They can't do what we do what we do, and they hate us for it." For anyone in advertising!

don draper | Don Draper: infiel, metiroso y encantador

Don Draper: infiel, metiroso y encantador

As I mentally cast for the role of Christian Grey, my vote is Jon Hamm, but I know he's too old. I can still dream!

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where all they do is smoke, drink, have sex and cheat oh and lie, but its still so good to watch. God I love Mad Men

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Betty Dumps Henry


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so sexy.

Mad Men, March 2012 premiere date for Season 5 - Counting it down! Vespa in the background!