INVERT A TOMATO CAGE in a pot, cover it with chicken wire, then fill with spaghnum moss on the outside, peat moss inside. Poke in Sedums, hen and chicks, Sempervivum, Echeveria, Graptoveria, Graptopetalum, Pachyphytum, Pachyveria and other succulents. You created a TOPIARY TREE covered with "roses"!

This is a project that enthralls and intrigues everyone who sees it; you can build one too; just pick up a couple of coir lined hanging baskets, fill with soil, wire them together and stick some Sempervivum chicks on the coir. After a year, they will fill in and be totally covered. What a great use for your succulent collection!

Make a Succulent Topiary. A succulent topiary suggests an evergreen tree yet makes viewers do a double take. It’s a container garden with a twist: a moss-filled cone planted with eye-catching, low-water, easy-care succulents. This topiary offers a fresh and engaging way to expand your garden artistry.

a hypertufa recipe that uses shredded paper instead of vermiculite and peat moss

Moss Butterfly Topiary (

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Path made of repurposed materials - Use this same idea for whole patio with moss in between?

Tips For Planting a Rock Garden Creating an optimal environment and choosing the right plants are essential to creating a rock garden.

This will help to keep the kitties away from the plants. Wire Cloche by Colonial Tin Works | Gardener's Supply

How to grow moss on anything. This is beautiful....

moss garden chair

Driftwood + Succulents

Old window put in old wash tub and used as a flower pot

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blue echeveria. Succulents. Im thinking about creating a succulent/moss/rock garden.

Black-eyed Susan vine can go from seed to covering an entire trellis in just one season

Build a potted water garden-out of an old tub:)

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