Frost #winterwishes

Nature's rainbow....grapes ripening on the vine...

Nature's art work

Apparent contradictions are often just truths that come in pairs, like this rainbow and lightning. They show us that beauty and strength, the presence of wrath and the beauty of peace can be experienced in the same place and at the same time.

so fragile, yet incredibly strong.

What a beautiful picture! Dandy lions. :) or Puff Lions. We should call them Puff Lions. They sound thug, ;)

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Isle Cartel ‘A Lover’s Dream’ ~ I move fearlessly into a crystal blue night through the mountain’s misty air as I head toward the universe along surreal and distant shores. Father Moon shows me the way from high above. Spectacular Shining Stars adorn this new and glorious morn. that I adore. Sun for the day and Moon for the night directs me. I see now that all will be right. It is a good night as I forge bravely and trustingly ahead. I am bathed in moonbeams and bright starlight ~

Nature's beauty

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year #winter #magic #presents #festive #mood #celebration #snow #fur #best #present #hockley #london


Forest Scenery Creative Commons Nature

beautiful frost...this girl has had it with this 90 degree weather!

Stunning Nature Photography

Frost, kissing the leaves.

Beautiful nature

Being in nature is extremely therapeutic and restorative. If you are trapped in the office or live in a big city, simply looking at pictures of beautiful scenery can improve mood, reduce stress, and increase vitality.