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Walking On Sunshine Film Preview #WOSunshine #weareinpuglia #figleaves

Walking On Sunshine Film Preview #WOSunshine #weareinpuglia #figleaves

Stephen Amell. He isn't even the best looking guy on the show. Arrow

Evan Peters

Lee Pace

First of all, Aaron has flawless form. | Aaron Tveit Is Really Good At Baseball

Tom Hardy

Theo James - Four//Divergent - one of the best casting choices I've seen in a while!

Dave franco. Loved him in the movie "now you see me"

Seriously though, he literally is a tanned god sent from heaven. | Why It Doesn’t Really Matter At All That Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Win An Oscar

Jamie’s beard serves to draw attention to his cheekbones which look like they’ve been sculpted by the ACTUAL HANDS of God himself.

At the BAFTA's Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston at the after party. <3

crazy, stupid and still in love with #RyanGosling

God damn you and your sexy-ness!!

Robert Downey Jr. is truly a cad

harry potter humor | Harry Potter Humor Tumblr - funny cat laughing grumpy #10 - Doblelol ...

@Natalie Jost Louise - amalgamation of two of our favourite things!

Here's a knife and fork. Now, eat it! <--- This comment is wonderful. Totally made the post!