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Stop Snoring Blend with essential oils. Mix recipe in a 5ML bottle. When creating a roller bottle, add an appropriate dilution amount (1%-5%) of the Stop Snoring Blend and top with carrier oil.

from Dr. Axe

10 Proven Myrrh Oil Benefits & Uses

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Anti-snore blend: Add 6 drops lavender, 6 drops geranium, 1 drop each frankincense, cedarwood & eucalyptus to glass roll on bottle and fill remainder with carrier oil. Apply to temples and chest before bed. Add this blend w/o carrier oil to glass amber dropper bottle and diffuse a few drops during sleep.

from Dr. Axe

The Foods that Fight High Blood Pressure

Did you know you can lower your blood pressure with food? It's true. Here are the best foods to eat on a high blood pressure diet.