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The conflict between logic and emotions. Whenever I've made choices based on emotions, I was left with heartache and regret. My heart always saw things as I WISHED they would be but my brain sees things as they actually are. Using logic helped me see things more clearly.

I created Moon Goddess with the #1 intention of healing your whole self: mind, body and soul. BECAUSE IT ALL BEGINS WITH the heart-womb connection. After working with hundreds of women, what I see over and over again is women who are DOING all the right things, but there’s a disconnect between their outward actions and what they feel and believe. Their minds and hearts are essentially working against their bodies. #Fertility #yoga #TheYogaGoddess

Truth.. The battle is between my heart & my mind, The future I want vs the past I've had, the thought of hope vs continually being let down, the painted picture of how amazing things would be with you and the impossible task of getting you to see that. But maybe you do. I don't know. Alls I know is that you shouldn't worry about who wants me.. Because the honest truth- I want you. And I want you to be mine and show you off to the world. ....that's the battle

use your heart…

Your heart will always guide you to your soul. Transform your life and visit: