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10 Best Cities ever in the World, according to travelers

Being fit and beautiful does not mean young and skinny...this beautiful lady is why I work out, run, lift weights and sweat...because even at 52 I still can! Age is NOT the the handicap to being fit - but the mind is.

Long hair and femininity

I saw this and it took me back...I realized, we never truly get over our first loves. Native American man-perfection.

Inspiration Gallery #172 – Photography

"What kind of dough have you been spending? What kind of bubblegum have you been blowing lately?"

Photographer Oleg Oprisco Captures A World Of Dream And Fantasy

Ukraine-based photographer Oleg Oprisco captures ethereal images that look like they came straight out of a fairytale.

handsome boy .his eyes are like pools of ink just waiting for you to fall and sink into.its like they could suck you in and you could never'd be trapped.

The Surreal Alternative to Your Daily Life by Oleg Oprisco Photography

For this fourth post of our coloumn, I had fun doing some scouting in the common topic we’ve chosen. This time, it’s all about spring, with art, photography and miscellaneous inspirations. Enjoy 🙂 + Per questo quarto post della rubrica designtime torno …

Oldest supermodel: Botox is 'a waste of money'

Daphne Selfe at 86. What a brave woman! Bravo! For some, botox is a must...I am neutral on the subject...but your lines are the map of your LIFE! Do not go for the 'dead doll' look. Beware too much botox!