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Yeah...I really need to work on my "I hate you" face with some of my coworkers...they apparently think I want them to continue to talk instead of closing their mouths.


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"I can't come to work today"..

Funny Ecards. For you Gene Schaffer... remember one time at a music practice when Becky asked you if you could hear better with your glasses on...LOL LOL LOL

Here, Let me wash the stupid right off of you... Ahhh wait, wait... it's not coming off. =)

Oh boy, do I wish I could send this to my co-worker! JG, we mean you !!!!

I was walking by this guy I hate and he goes "Did you just swear?" And I turn to him and go "How about I break off your legs and shove them up your ass?" He just walked away with a weird face and my friend comes up to me and she's like "What's up with him?"And I say "I have no fuckin' idea!"