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Black and White Portraits of Blackie, Gjon Mili's Cat in the 1940s

Gjon Mili’s cat Blackie admiring his portrait drawn by Saul Steinberg, in Mili’s studio, 1947


‘Jewels’ Cat Portrait, 1958 - by Prince François de Baschmakoff for Givenchy

左腕の猫 (文春文庫): 藤田 宜永: 本 Cat in the left arm, a collection of stories by Yoshinaga Fujita  藤田宜永  | cover illustration by Rieko Mizuguchi 水口理恵子

Detail of image by Léonard Tsugouharu Foujita (藤田 嗣治 Fujita Tsuguharu) -- The graphic artist Rieko Mizuguchi used the art to design this book cover for the collected short stories of Yoshinaga Fujita.

ВКрылатый кот из Sketchbook два, Q. Кассетти, 2010, Sharpiesо вторник пятница - Q.Cassetti

Tuesday is Friday

the arts forum (this is Winged Cat, Q. Cassetti), for many boards by visual theme and color scheme

Attitude Momma Cat with Kittens Moon - sylvia pimental

Huck's mom with Huck and his brother (he did have a brother who was almost a twin!) Attitude Momma Cat with Kittens Moon - sylvia pimental