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Graceful and quite beautiful arrangement of pink Rose Quartz crystals atop Quartz and Microcline! The crystals are distinct and lustrous, with some scepters present! One interesting thing is that the crystals sit atop a Quartz point on the backside of the specimen. Minas Gerais, Brazil Measures 6.6 cm by 6.3 cm by 4.3 cm in total size. Price $4500

Raw Gemstone Necklace, Raw Stone, Raw Citrine Necklace, Raw Amethyst Necklace, Crystal Nugget, Boho Style, Rough Gemstone Jewelry

+++ The price shown is for ONE raw gemstone necklace. +++ A single, rough nugget of either sunny, yellow Citrine or plummy, purple Amethyst is

Lovely specimen of yellow Brazilianite crystals with a Quartz point on matrix! This is a great looking miniature with Brazilianite crystals to 2.5 cm. The crystals are gemmy and lustrous with all being terminated except for a couple of smaller crystals towards the back side. The Quartz point is also terminated, providing a nice balance. From Conselheiro Pena, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Measures 4.2 cm by 4 cm by 3.4 cm in total size. Ex. McCarty Mineral Collection Price $785

Pyromorphite From the Daoping Mine, Gongcheng Co., Guilin Prefecture, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. Measures 5.1 cm by 6.1 cm by 2.8 cm in total size. Ex. Webb Mineral Collection

VERY RARE specimen featuring Acanthite crystals nestled between Amethyst points! Someone told me years ago that no Silver minerals appear in crystal form with Amethyst from the Creede localty, but this was obviously incorrect. I will admit I haven't seen too many of them over the years and this is definately the best specimen I've come across. The Acanthite crystals are fairly distinct with a slight secondary growth along some crystal faces.

Top 10 Amazing Record Breaking Gemstones for Size, Clarity and Value

Neelanjali Double-Star-Ruby - Going on the rareness its estimated price has been put around $100 million. Weighs 1,370 carats (274 g). It was unveiled to the world at the end of 1988, and immediately entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest double-star ruby. Owned by Indian lawyer G. Vidyaraj. When he inherited the ruby, it was covered in layers of grime and soot as, in the past, people thought it was cursed. No one would dare touch the jewel for fear of desecration.


This is a Clear Quartz with Pyrite from Maden, Bulgaria with pyramids at the tip of each point ✨ We think it speaks for itself and we hope it inspires your evening ✨ Email for more details and price request

2 1/2" to 3" Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Point - AA Quality

These natural aqua aura quartz crystal point have great color and large sections with great clairty. Size: About long Pricing is per piece. Metaphysical Properties: This stone will balance and acti