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    Prayer When You Use Holy Water Wash me, Oh my Jesus in thy own precious blood, and I shall be made whiter than snow. Show us, Oh Lord, thy mercy, and grant us thy salvation.

    PRAYER TO REDEEM LOST TIME: O MY GOD! Source of all mercy! I acknowledge your sovereign power. During recalling the wasted years that I have lived during my earthly existence, I believe that you, Lord can and will in an instant, turn what I have lost, into gain.For you are the ULTIMATE timekeeper. I firmly believe that you can do all things. Please restore to me the time I have given away, or has been taken away from me. Let my future moments be full of amazement, that light not just my path,

    At The Approach of Temptation My God deliver me from offending thee by hurting myself or others through actions that are not right! Assist me by thy powerful grace; mercifully preserve me from yielding to this temptation and to others I do not see, and give me a great horror for all things evil at the core. Lord, save me or I shall fail.

    When You Have Committed Sin Alas, my God, another fault! Art thou not ready to withdraw thy graces from me? But, my infinitely good God…I repent and offer thee in expiation of this fault, all that my Divine Savior has done to expiate it. I offer thee the sorrow of His sacred heart. My God, be propitious to me for His sake, and because I am a sinner.

    For The Prosperity of Our Holy Religion Oh my God, make thy holy Church victorious over all her enemies, and preserve all her members in thy heavenly peace and love. Oh infinite Source of all perfection, attracts all hearts to thyself, and fills them with thy divine charity. O God of all, have mercy on all. Lift up thy hand over all nations, that they may see thy power; that they may know thee, as we also knave known thee. Amen

    Prayer While Cooking Dearest Lord, please help me take these special ingredients of food that are before me, and with a special recipe, mix them together to transform them into a healthy and tasty cooking creation. As the Father of all, you know how to design perfection. Let my little food dish when eaten by others, reflect your love that always nourishes the heart, body, and soul. Through Christ Our Lord...Amen.

    Much needed prayer of the day for wives/me!

    10 Ways to Pray for my Child




    Praying Scripture for our grand....children

    {love this} Prayer Sticks: popsicle stick with picture of family member or friend. Each day have child draw a name and you both pray for that person. Fabulous way to teach importance of prayer for others and not just your own wants!!

    I'm totally starting this... NOW! Married ladies/Soon-to-be married ladies/ and ladies who have not yet met their future husband: Check this out! 31 Days of Praying for your man.

    #004 Luke 12:31

    and the list goes on.

    So true ... so simple ♥ LOVE this!!

    Philippians 4:19

    for my daughter

    John 3:16

    psalm 139:9-10