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    duggars recipes

    • Sherry Baker

      the duggar family finances. Really? I thought their idea of "finances" was to breed as long as possible and make tons of money off of having cameras following you around because you -- yep, you guessed it-- bred and bred and spawned so many kids so THEY,the offspring, can spawn and get more reality shows and on and on... PUHLEAZE.. this is a reason for a TV show? This is entertainment?

    • Leslie Fanchon Lefebvre-Brown

      19 Kids and Counting! - I LOVE The Duggar Family! The parents are wonderfully loving, faithful teachers and godly examples, and their children are refreshingly wholesome, fun loving, intelligent, well mannered and caring people.

    • Mati Gardner

      Duggar Family Guidelines. These parents are amazing. Both so calm and continually give God the glory for everything in their lives. And their children are amazing servants with hearts for the Lord and so much love and respect for their family. I would love to spend a day with Michelle Duggar! I can't even control my two some days lol

    • Lindsey Almond

      Duggar Family- compliments of late night feedings when Brennan was a newborn, I became addicted to 19 Kids and Counting.

    • S P

      "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Family to Rally for Tennessee Life-oriented Abortion Amendment Media Release : Oct 10, 2013

    • Kathy Farley

      Go to this link to see the operational definitions of character qualities from the Duggar family. When I use it daily, I am a better mom, wife, and child.

    • Stephanie Carlin

      Here are some money management strategies from the Duggar family that have allowed to live debt free despite raising 19 children.

    • Esther H.

      God, I pray for the Duggar Family. Please let them be a witness for you and lead people to Christ.

    • Amanda Cash

      My favorite recipe for making detergent for laundry comes from the Duggar family!

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