• Natalie Green

    Fitness test 1 for 30 day challenge! 50 sec exercise 10 sec rest 7 exercises. Squat jump, pushup, burpe, hi-knees, switch lunges, touch jump, sit-ups

  • Ecochic Kat

    30 day fitness challenge with video 12-15 minutes per day. Day 1 Week 1 of The 30 Day Challenge: Fit Test ! Workout

  • Carlisle Fisher

    BODYROCK FIT TEST #1: Squat Jump: 40. Push-ups: 26. Burpees: 13. High knees: 104. Switch lunges: 33. Tuck jumps: 30. Straight abs: 14.

  • Laura Belle

    body rock fitness test week 1 day 1 of 30 day challenge

  • Natalie Evelyn

    30 day workout challenge. doin it.

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