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  • Tara Horne

    Extreme Adventures Shots That Keep Your Breath Away

  • RoHiT

    "A Red Bull Air Force Team member BASE jumps off a cliff in southwestern Utah. The extra fabric in the wing suits creates lift allowing the jumper to "fly." Parachutes aid in a safe landing."


    Base jumping extreme sport adrenaline flying

  • Amy Lynn

    Bucket list: base jump in a squirrel suit!

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Base Jump - Image: Shamshahrin Shamsudin

☆ Base Jump ☆ Seeing a picture of someone doing this is exhilarating enough and I'm inspired to add a Pinterest board called "Things I will never do!"

If only the fear of heights wasn't an issue - This looks awesome #redbull Base jumping. Wow!

Maybe it is just me but I feel it might be a tad jaded to have to jump off of a perfectly good mountain just to get ones jollies. What a movie or going bowling just didn't sound like enough fun?

BASE Jump by: Marcos Ferro-This is really cool and honestly wouldn't be that hard to replicate something similar. I'm thinking Aiden sled riding? :D

Base Jumping at Yosemite National Park. | Most Beautiful Pages

Base Jumping I would looooove to do this!!

I've been here. It's a beautiful place and the view is incredible from up there. Half Dome. 30 feet of rock, 3,000 feet of air


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