Cheshire, England

Chester, England, UK

Liseberg during Christmas, Gothenburg, Sweden

Brighton, England, UK

Chester Cathedral, Cheshire, UK- By Mark Carline The cathedral dates from 1093

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Brussels, Belgium


Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Castle Comb, England living down the road!

Christmas in London, England.

Bath, England

Lucerne, Switzerland

Tower Bridge, London, England.

Bath, England

Salzburg, Austria

The Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market), Frankfurt, Germany One of my favorite past Christmas memories having gluwein in the snow at this Weinachtsmarkt in 2010


Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire - The earliest parts of the house were built for the prosperous Cheshire landowner William Moreton in about 1504–08, and the remainder was constructed in stages by successive generations of the family until about 1610.