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a woman, without her, man is nothing. that's the one I agree with. women are powerful!

Punctuation is POWERFUL. --ignore the fact that punctuation is spelled wrong in the quote.<spelling is powerful, too

What the Teacher Wants!: Poetry Pack {mini-giveaway!}

Everything you need to teach a 3 week unit about Poetry! This is perfect for grades but could easily be adapted for younger grades too!*This Poetry Pack includes 11 forms of poetry posters and 7 elements of poetry posters.

Writing Poetry: 40 Formulas to Help Students Write Poems

Creative Writing Poetry - 50 Formulas to Help Students Write Poems

Writing Poetry - 40 Formulas to Help Students Write Poems - includes activities and online interactive writing exercises (priced)

I'd love to know how they did this.

emredurmus '08

Poems left by tourbus on sand. Vlieland The Netherlands. Photo by Anouk Randag (moet op zoek naar initiatiefnemer).


Freebie from Secondary Solutions: 2 handouts: Glossary of Poetic Terms, including definitions for such terms as alliteration, assonance, iambic pentameter, meter.

We need a little bit of Emily Dickinson in our library!

We need a little bit of Emily Dickinson in our library!

Assign each student a different day to bring a poem to share with the class. For younger students, the teacher could read the poem out loud instead of the student. The sharing student could be required to tell why he or she likes the poem. You could also have a time for students to comment on the poem that was shared. As an alternative to

20 Terrific Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Sheet listing common verbs and words that can be used instead. My students have them in their writing binders so that they can refer to them often ...

Vivid Verb reference sheet for writing binder - these would make good super student awards especially during writing lessons

Great bell ringer questions for the beginning of class!

Details: This would work well for primary source photos in Social Studies. Add: what connections can you make? What's the author's purpose? GREAT BELL RINGER for ELA

Poetry anchor chart by antrisha

write a poem based on characters from "Out of the Dust". Teach poetry elements before having them write their own poems.