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Chuck Connors (with Johnny Crawford) as Lucas and Mark McCain on the TV series, The Rifleman. Also liked Chuck Connors on the Branded TV series.


Chuck Connors and Otto Graham - Who Knew?

Chuck Connors - The Rifleman

Chuck Connors (The Rifleman tv series) and Johnny Crawford - undated. My future children WILL watch this wonderful show

Chuck Connors ... Lucas McCain on TV Rifleman series, 1958-1963; Jason McCord on TV Branded series, 1965-1966 ...


Chuck Connors - The Rifleman

The Rifleman-Chuck Connors & Johnny Crawford

THE RIFLEMAN (ABC-TV) Chuck Connors as "Lucas McCain" with Johnny _____ as "Mark McCain" - Series ran from 1958 to 1963.

The Rifleman...Chuck Connors - as a little girl - he was my hero...I've always loved Westerns!