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the many faces of haruhi Haruhi Fujioka

No. Stereotypes are the worst... Haruhi's dad is absolutely wonderful! And what about Maka's dad, Spirit, from Soul Eater? Yes, he does fit under the useless category a little bit... But he is one if my favorite characters from that series! He is hilarious. Also, Kenichi's dad is great from The Mightiest Disciple.

Ouran High School Host Club - "an acquaintance of mine" - Haruhi. Poor Tamaki, that must of hurt. (Made by Jeanette (ジェネット) Chavez)

Ouran High School Host Club | Haruhi Fujioka. In case anyone was wondering who I was on Halloween. :)

Haruhi fujioka - Oran high school host club

I love Haruhi x Twins So much fun ;) Ouran: Haruhi and The Twins by ~sapphireyuriko on deviantART

"People are always telling me I'm dripping with good looks."

ouran high school host club, haruhi fujioka, hikaru hitachiin (so cute didn't want them together but they look adorable here.)

Haruhi x Tamaki? I'm not a big fan of all the shipments in Ouran ( I really like how the host club was a family, and to me, that was more important than any of the couplings) but this is cute!