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Smith and Cult – Feed the Rich - A striking mix of blue and gray, this polish looks like clean, rain washed slate-perfect to offset winter wool.

Smith and Cult – Filth Noir Nailed Lacquer as seen in Vogue September 2014 Issue (***added to my ever growing Fall/Winter Love list***)

Gay Ponies Dancing In The Snow (yes, seriously, that's what it's called).  It's an ultra fine pink and silver glitter suspended in clear base.

Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow Nail Polish

Smith & Cult Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow- (ultra fine pink and silver glitter) "Last night I had a dream that felt like I was in a car wreck involving gigantic ice cream sundaes and a gang of Studio 54 stragglers.

Honey Hush Nail Lacquer, , large

Flawlessly smooth coverage and brilliant shine in Opaque Dove Gray Taupe. Smith & Cult Nail Lacquers are ultra-high performance formulas with pure souls: Vegan and Gluten Free.

The Hottest Nail Colors Right Now - Smith & Cult in Bitter Buddhist from #InStyle

10 Pink Nail Polish Shades to Complete Your True Millennial Look

Smith and Cult Bang the Dream Nail Lacquer

Smith and Cult's Nailed Lacquer consistently delivers both flawlessly smooth coverage and brilliant shine.

#SheSaidYeah #IllusionsColorSpa Opaque muted periwinkle. I asked the girl behind the counter if she could help me decipher the choices; she stared at me like I was a stupid alien.

Smith and Cult – She Said Yeah Nailed Lacquer as seen in Vogue September 2014 Issue

If we're going to be honest, a nail polish's name can make or break it. Sure, the color may be fantastic, it may be seriously chip-proof, and it could garner you all the compliments in the world. But, a bad name is like a weak link in a chain — the…

This Nail Polish Has The Best Name, Ever (& Looks Rad On Your Nails)

This Nail Polish Has The Best Name, Ever (& Looks Rad On Your Nails): Gay Ponies Dancing In the Snow, Smith & Cult's polishes

Smith and Cult Vegas Post Apocalyptic Nail Lacquer

Smith and Cult-Vegas Post Apocalyptic.Ultra fine holographic lavender glitter suspended in clear base

Kings & Thieves Nail Lacquer by Smith & Cult

UNSEASONABLY DARK Dark colors are popping up all over this spring, and the surprising, moody look is just as chic when it's warm. (Shown: Smith & Cult nail polish in Kings and Thieves)