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Here is an entire unit on sound complete with lesson plans and 4 activitie for students to explore concepts about sound such as: frequency, pitch, sound waves. Common Core Standards also included. Objectives: The students determine what makes a sound loud or soft, conclude that sound travels in waves, demonstrate the effect that length has on the sound of a vibrating material, demonstrate how frequency affects the pitch of sound, and create an instrument that produces sound.

Get ready to Freshen up your study of Weather with this Fun and Interactive Lapbook. Grades 1 - 4 $

sound score - play and transfer to notation

Water Cycle Craft - no instructions, but pretty easy to figure out what to do and mostly straight-cutting except for the sun which is pretty easy to make or find elsewhere. These would be fun to make for the WOW journey.

The best simplification i have ever seen for the Water Cycle

Primary Reading Party: Water Cycle I had each table draw and label the water cycle on a quart sized bag. We filled it with some water and taped it to the window. Today some condensation had formed and by the end of the day, there was some precipitation.

Music instruments frequency chart from PSB speakers