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Lifehouse - Broken: "I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing; With a broken heart that's still beating. In the pain, there is healing, in your name I find meaning. So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on to you"

Everclear = amphetamine...I listened to this cd so much most of the songs are scratched. Love this band!

Yiruma(이루마,Lee Ru-ma) - Kiss The Rain (new version)

The Avett Brothers: Laundry Room For snowy Saturdays like today -grab some hot chocolate and cuddle up by the fire, maybe read..or don't whatever you're into. xo

The Avett Brothers - February Seven

I really enjoyed this remix of a great Who track so thought I would make this video for it. I dont own the rights to any of the video used or the song. The s...

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