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BTS' Suga is shining in the spotlight! The rapper held a solo photo shoot and interview with Grazia magazine to discuss his recent mixtape. Previously, Sug

Jiminie isn't that smol xD he's the same size as Suga. It's not his fault he was born an adorable mochi

BTS SG | this is gunna make me cry. AHH what is that first pic tbh ahaha he was cuter then. BUT HAHA STILL AMAZING NOW <3

younghoonkim posted picture of BTS Suga #AgustD B cuts from Grazia Korea Magazine Vol. 82 ~ Sept. 2016 [160823]

Suga is ALWAYS sexy, but I have never seen him as sexy as he is in the Fire MV!! Damn baby we're gonna need an air vent you're SO HOT!!