This haircut is WILL be my next style.

Bob hairstyles are very popular among women and young girls. London Beep select 30 top trending and stylish short bob hairstyles photos and ideas.


side view angled bob - this was my latest haircut inspiration picture, thank you AS :)

Long or short? Seeing her hair on Dancing made me want it short again!

chelsea kane -side view of the cut. Why do I always find cute short cuts when my hair is finally long?

Short Hair Cuts for Women - this is the same girl who I used a pic of when I chopped all my hair off! Love what she's done while growing it out...I'm definitely going for this look! But blonde.

The next logical step of an asymmetrical short hair cut in growing it out is a bob. Love this haircut and color

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair | Carrie Underwood Loose Bun Updo ...

Mena Suvari, with an angled bob, sweeping bangs & piecey ends. - Beauty Darling (I don't know what piecey ends means, but I like this.

Want to spice up your style with layered bob haircut? Here we have brought together the images of 30 Layered Bob Hairstyles that you may want to try!