You will never leave the house drunk again.

Ink Calendar: The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes. This is so unbelieveably cool!

Life Hacks and other Cool Inventions: I think the key hole would be great for people with certain disabilities, not just drunk. I don't let drunk people into my home. Ever.

Long distance pillow lights up when the other is sleeping on there's Sweet, And Disappearing door Knob We've at rounded up five ingenious gadgets and accessories that you might want, but probably don't need.

"I going to get this for a friend, not tell them what it does, and them roll my half all around the house and see how long it takes before they think their egg is possessed"<-repinning for this oh my gosh

like a boss

Funny! I would buy these!

Ha...I would pee my pants, no joke

.this is brilliant!

Coolest pin everrrrr...

Not safe for intruders table.

repinning so i can find this again when i get on a computer.

If only...

Drunk Octopus

forgot the name of this book, but it was hysterical. I laughed for hours. Something about passive aggressive notes.

Chase would do this.


Kazukijikagita HOW DO YOU EVEN PRONOUNCE THAT? Maybe I could go by Kazuki (Abi)....

This is a funny drunk text!

CAN'T - STOP - LAUGHING.... You can't stay angry or upset watching this!!! 'Bath time fun.' Super cute!.wmv