6 Hour Quilt By Kaye Wood- Serger Quilt as you go reversible quilt., start w/6"x18". AWESOME!!!

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Video on what a serger can really do.

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Serger Quilt. I made one of these a long long time ago and I still use it lots - simple and fun!

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1-Hour Serger Quilt - using the quilt as you go technique. this link is to the pattern but the Youtube video I found initially is here too.

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Nancy Zieman shows you how to make a quick quilt with the Baby Lock Evolution Serger, yes- a serger quilt!

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Make a quilt the lazy way! This lazy quilters quilt has no measuring required.

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Quilt as You Go Patterns | Quilt+as+you+go+blau.JPG

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▶ The Ultimate Quilt Binding Tutorial - YouTube Missouri Star Quilt Company

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How to Quilt Using your Embroidery Machine by MagnoliaFly, via Flickr. If you haven't used binder clips to quilt on the embroidery machine, you should try it. It makes it SEW much easier!

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Lil Twister Tool Tutorial - the resulting quilt is fabulous.

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I think I have to try this binding technique for those donation quilts that require the binding to be machine stitched down. Quilt binding Bernina foot # 71

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Puzzle piece quilt how- to

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Jelly Roll Race! A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour! - YouTube

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Anyone Can Quilt: Machine Quilting Tutorial --> THE absolute best machine quilting tutorial I have ever read. It actually makes me think I should re-try the free motion quilting I'm always afraid to do. For real. I am a not so great quilter. I need to try this!

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Quilting Quickly: Learn to make quick & easy quilts using precuts with instructor Jenny Doan

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Baby Quilt

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Bird of Paradise Quilt Block Kit #applique #design #embroidery #fabric-kit #hawaii #intermediate #japan #kit #quilt-block #sashiko #sashiko-kit #sylvia-pippen-designs

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Amazing 24 hour quilt tutorial

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