Pavilion Knitting Stitch

cool stitch

Rows of Chevrons ... STITCHES: knit, purl, edge stitch ... PATTERN: 32 rows ... STITCH NUMBER: multiple of 14 + 1 + 2 edge stitches ... DIFFICULTY: easy

Interesting tailored knitting stitch pattern with chart. Just knits & purls - 15 row repeat. Alternate rows knit as indicated. Very easy, but this is a pattern you must watch while you knit.

method for neater neck lines when picking up stitches

This is so beautiful. 10 stich repeat, l = knit on RS, purl on WS, - = purl on RS, knit on WS, sideways S = bind off, Box = cast on. On the Wrong side, knit all the stitches as they present (knit the knits and purl the purls) Cast on 49 sts, and follow chart, repeating rows 1-20 for desired length.

Knit/purl Triangles | Reversible stitch pattern looks identical on both sides.

Knitting Galore: Saturday Stitch: Tile Stitch

Butterfly stitch is a pretty knitting stitch. The reverse looks interesting too. Knitted in a multiple of 10 + 9 sts and 20-row repeat.

Moss Bordered Diamond is a versatile stitch. It's reversible

We hope you enjoy Creative Knitting editor Kara Gott Warner's FREE Build-a-Block Series! The series includes 5 stitch block patterns: Lacy Eyelet Vines, Smocked Trellis, Easy Peasy Knits & Purls, Delicate Rosettes, Simple Ladders. Go here for free tutorials & tips for all 5 stitch patterns:

Beautiful pattern stitch not in English but has chart

Great knitting stitch pattern

Intertwined Texture ... STITCHES: knit, purl ... PATTERN: 18 rows ... STITCH NUMBER: multiple of 15 + 2 ... DIFFICULTY: intermediate

Right side of knitting stitch pattern – Ribbing 2

X ... STITCHES: knit, purl, edge stitch ... PATTERN: 24 rows ... STITCH NUMBER: multiple of 12 + 1 + 2 edge stitches ... DIFFICULTY: easy

Great stitch for a scarf-- wrong side looks almost as good as right side. I'm knitting a scarf as we speak... uh, as we Pin.

Diamond knitting stitches

Great knit patterns