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This is what I do as a Beachbody Coach. Stop asking yourself "why" and try asking yourself "why not". Do yourself a favor and take the next 2 mintues to watch this. It might just change your life. It has mine.

Coach Chris Forbes always told us this. Its not what you do when people are watching but what you do do when no one is watching.

My dream Gpa would be Craig T. Nelson’s “Zeke” from the TV show “Parenthood.” (You’re not watching that show? WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING THAT SHOW?) Zeke is similarly tough but kindly. He is very set in his ideas about what is just and right which is why it’s so heartbreakingly fascinating to watch him realize he’s wrong. He’s the sort of man I probably wouldn’t want for a father (too hard and unyielding) but who would make a marvelous Gpa. Look at him! He wants to teach me to build things with…

Unlike Insanity, there will be a modifier at all times. You will even be able to choose if you want to watch JUST the modifier or JUST Shaun T. This option sounds amazing and will really allow you to grow as you get stronger.

Quantum Leap - "I've been on this kick of re-watching old shows I use to watch as a kid. I wanted to see if they really stood up viewing them as an adult. Quantum Leap actually is one of the very few."

How dare you come back in to my life,what a fucking nerve,i stood and watched you get married and wished you the best,fuck you,youre not getting to me this time no way go fuck someone elses life up.