Ya'll Just Have No Ideal! Big Mack Is The MOST Stubborn Bulldog EVER! He is something else Thats For Sure! Gotta Love Him

Bullies are like potato chips -- it's hard to have just one!

He was so upset he had to stay outside while everybody ate. It's no fun to be left out of the party.....especially with food!

this will work

my dream pup (besides the one I already have of course)

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Perfect Lil’ Baby - WorldofBulldog

fancy dog

According to the United Kennel Club, English Bulldogs are characterized by: "The English Bulldog has an equable and kind disposition; and is resolute and courageous. The characteristic demeanor is one of peace and dignity. These attributes are evident in the expression and behavior of the breed." Fits a women's shoe size 6-8.5.


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English bulldog



oh jeez


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english bulldog :D

English Bulldog