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Raffaello Cake Roll

I love getting comments form all of you. I not only connect, but personally get to know the readers. In this case, a reader gave me an idea of this cake recipe. She suggested that I share a Raffaello cake roll recipe on the blog. After some idea and testing this is the ending result. As you can tell from the blog, I haven't been baking much lately. I just don't like spending my day in a hot kitchen or find any time for it. This is why I loved this recipe, it was all completed form start to…

Carrot Cake Roll

Carrot Cake Roll by | An easy take on a favorite Easter dessert! #cake

Storybook Cake Roll

You have to try this cake roll! Moist, chocolatey & stunning. Step-by-step photos! @natashaskitchen

Pumpkin Cake Roll

Pumpkin Cake Roll by bhg: For a new kind of pumpkin dessert, try our fluffy cinnamon-spiced pumpkin cake roll. It's easier than you think! Thanks to the vanilla cream cheese frosting filling, it's a scrumptious alternative to pumpkin pie. | Sam??

Ferrero Raffaello Cake

If you've ever had tried Raffaello Chocolates, you will recognize this cake immediately. It's moist, and tastes like candy with every bite.

Tres Leches Cake

Best Your Perfect Dessert: Basic Marinade Formula by buzzfeed: ACID (but not too much) eg: vinegar, lemon/lime/orange juice, wine, buttermilk, or yogurt (why: tenderize protein to let the other flavor-enhancing ingredients get in there) + SALT or soy sauc

Recipe Box: Rice Krispies Treat S’mores