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Lisa A. Berutti
Lisa A. Berutti • 2 years ago

The Schumann Resonance is a frequency of sound generated between the symbiotic relationship of our planet and the cosmos. Many regard this frequency as rising in nature and benevolent to spiritual meditations as well as physical healing

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8 Hz THE HEALING SOUND OF DOLPHINS ~ riccamente.blogsp... The sound emitted by the dolphins, has a frequency of 8 Hz inaudible by humans. The sonic frequencies emitted from them, generate a field that brings the brain and biomolecular system to its balanced nature to 8 Hz.

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Healing vibrations Sound Healing works on the principle that everything in the Universe is energy in vibration. By sounding the correct vibration, through resonance and harmonics, with a healing intention an “off-key” part of the body can be restored to balance.

We are vibrational beings and benefit greatly from sound healing therapy. Solfeggio frequencies are vibrational harmonic balancers to every cell in our body, mind and spirit. When listening to these heavenly sounds we find ourselves coming into a state of deep relaxation, with ease as if by magic.

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