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Spiked Leather Jacket, Girls Denim Jacket, Punk Jackets, Battle Jacket, Alternative Outfits, Punk Clothes, Emo Outfits, Heavy Metal Style, Anarchism

First Battle Jacket

yardleyfellow's Nails, Eyehategod, Doom, First Battle Jacket Battle Jacket

Black_magic's Marduk, Inquisition, ARCHGOAT, 2014 Battle vest Battle Jacket | TShirtSlayer

vest from Black_magic

Lucifer III - back

Lucifer - Chapter III she grew up ;) i love her from skeletor

Update, nearly finished!

Update, nearly finished! It's nearly finished now, few more bits that need doing but I'm happy with it.

Motorcycle Club Cuts

Accidental Mysteries, 11.25.12: Motorcycle Club Cuts as American Folk Art

Motorcycle club cuts (or vests) and their assorted, colorful club colors (or patches) represent a unique form of American folk art embodying the freedom and nonconformity of bikers.

Battle Jacket, Heavy Metal, Vests, Grunge, Goth, Punk, Heavy Metal Rock, Gothic, Goth Subculture

Punk Jackets, Battle Jacket, Biker Leather, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Savage, Vests, Needlework, Bullets

Punk Jackets, Battle Jacket, Savage, Vests, Bullets, Sheet Metal, Belts