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Doctor Strange and Fairy Girl re-imprison Dormammu in the Dark Dimension

The Defenders: Dr Strange by Ken Christiansen

Ilustración original de Simone Bianchi para la portada de New Avengers v3, 14.  http://www.paninicomics.es/web/guest/titulo_detail?viewItem=728937

Dr Strange - New Avengers cover by simonebianchi on deviantART

Klaatu Barada Nikto : Photo

When Doctor Strange predicted Marvel would be owned by Disney.

Galactus and Silver Surfer by Philip Tan *

Galactus & His Herald, The Silver Surfer by Philip Tan (Marvel comics)

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Dr Strange by Dave Wachter

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Dr. Strange by naratani.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Doctor Strange by Naratani

Alex Maleev - Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange by Alex Maleev

Doctor Strange

Dr Strange by Eddy Newell

fuck yeah superheroes

I'm mad that Nightcrawler's head got chopped off but it doesn't take away from the awesomeness of this picture. <<So love that kitty pryde is a focus point of this picture

DOCTOR STRANGE concept art poster from #SDCC

Doctor Strange artwork - Crazy how Benedict Cumberbatch looks just like Doctor Steve Strange

Doctor Strange

Dr Strange 2014 by timothylaskey

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Color by deankotz

Dr. Stephen Strange

Dr Strange by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Dr extraño

Doctor Strange by Joe Quesada