These heroes that will save the world with Superman at their side.

trunk full of golden retriever puppies! Probably one heck of a foul smelling vehicle but soo cute!

Cutest dog outfit ever? Ok I think I've found dexter's Halloween costume for next year!

best halloween costume ever.

She thinks this is the line for treats... omg so sad! Poor thing!!

oh it's funny 'cause this dog looks like BREAD! See?

doggie movers


These Jerboas Look Like Real Life Pokemon

cute little hot dog


Irish wolfhound.. Had to do a double look. Lol, the big dog is in the little dogs bed bc the little dog took its bed!

dog as a lion

:) :)

Logan's Halloween Costume this year

Can't handle it. A puppy in footy pajamas.

Before and After

half golden retriever half wiener dog!! :D :D <3

:) hah