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braided hair and little white dress cheap!!! $14.99 pandora are on sale!!!!!!!

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Pretty bow



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i love that she's wearing a ponytail and sweatshirt with makeup and pearls


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:: summer hair ::

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I LOVE this dress and the hair and the simple make-up with those beautiful red lips. Just perfect! The dress is actually from this site: for about 60 Pounds

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There is something lovely about messy hair and late mornings and people you aren't afraid to see when you're hardly awake. Mokkasin

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Braid + flowers.

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Soooo cute. I wish my hair was super long and bleach blonde. Oh well, someday, my hair will be super long, and I'm fine with the hair color it is now :)

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Picnic#prepare for picnic #summer picnic #picnic #company picnic|

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laid back summer style

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bold in white

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Classic Little Black Dress.

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Simple yet beautiful white dress. #whitedress never looked better and classier. #nobebohobeach #bohochic #sobe #nobe #beach #miami fashion