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SIY: Portraits & Panoramic Views by @freerishad - YouTube

Achieve new heights with your portrait game by shooting faces in far out places. To the summit, no stopping, it’s the climb~~ With soft light and a swirling .

#SHOOTITYOURSELF with @thesupermaniak - YouTube

A tool for creating, an extension of herself- can’t leave the house/ hotel/ tour bus without it. In the wild world of thesupermaniak, a camera is an everyday.

ORIGINALS: Feet To The Pavement and Chasing "Street Dreams" w/ Eric Veloso - YouTube

He's a photographer by trade, and now he's the editor/creative director for Street Dreams Magazine.

TCC Films: Stay & Wander with Alex Strohl

TCC Films: Stay & Wander with Alex Strohl . after exploring the rest of the world they came home to Europe to rediscover the Alps and the people who lived in those remote areas

Krystle Wright the shot

Krystle Wright photographie des kayakistes en pleine nuit au Canon 1DX Mark II

An average image doesn't cut it for Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright. In 'The Shot' she pushes herself and her gear to absolute extremes to capture some.

SIY: Framed by the Lake ft. @hannes_becker - YouTube

On his journey to document alternative living in remote areas, Alex Strohl is joined by two likeminded adventurists along the way. This is his second encount.

SIY: Field Notes with @jongsunpark_ - YouTube

Picturesque scene- he’s got it. Sunny breaks- they came thru. Canon EOS wouldn’t leave home without it. Between sporadic light streams give.

comprehensive explanation of photography

For photographer Soteeoh ("so T."), the remains a major source of inspiration.

SIY: Seeing Double with @oliviagenovese - YouTube

There may be cotton candy clouds on deck, but a KPsquad Style calls for nothing but sunny skies. Let teach ya' with her signature Palm .

SIY: Walk The Line with @donnelgarcia - YouTube

Allow this purveyor of chill to teach ya - with real skill there’s no need for elaborate schemes.


Momo is a border collie. Find Momo is a project by Andrew Knapp and Momo the hiding border collie.

The complete guide to fixing exposure in Photoshop

Color Grading Photography

12 photo editing tutorials your landscapes can't live without: The complete guide to fixing exposure in Photoshop