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sad but true so often

MOONbabe 2, nova 3, Iversin!? 4,, Lavise 1

And was a thoughtful, caring, and intelligent man who, on top of everything else was a good husband and father.

#Repost @pintoons HEY! These are pretty low in stock and they also won't be returning like everything else on my site - (Link in bio) (Posted by Tap the photo for purchase info. Follow @bbllowwnn on Instagram for great pins patches and more!

They nailed Luke made him the brother figure he is (besides the evil part) and he is super funny.... But Noooooooo they had to mess everything else up!!!!!

Then who is driving? by uberchicken Don't ever let Eren drive

(You might like my board full of funny DN posts if you like this!)"I dreamed a dream that no one else could see...I threw away everything I didn't need..." "HEY HEY NINGEN SUCKER HEY HEY NINGEN FUCKER WHAT'S UP PEOPLE?!?!?!?!"

I flinched so hard once I got scared and I fell off my bed.

Lance is me (Bt-dubs, I'm not very fond of the little Klance doodle, because I don't ship it, but I like everything else)