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He's so cute ^_^ but I'm sorry he got burned :(

When I heard of her passing I cried! The only one who knows how much she truly meant to him was tae himself I'm sorry for your loss baby it will be ok please don't stay sad for long you are the only one who can brighten my day with just one smile

Gotta feel sorry for the guy, he doesn't have his own rap musical to make him seem nice yet.

from Rookie Parenting Science

7 Scientific Reasons Why I Don't Punish – Discipline

Abuse apologists<--- I think this is weirdly important. As the audience, we can easily become intellectually detached from a movie in pursuit of emotionally supporting a villain. It is nice to see some common sense, even if I still like some of the more insane villains out there (I'm looking at you, Moriarty).

sorry im a mess..this sounds like something my son has said.his heart is so heavy.pray 4 him♡lord hear our prayers♡heal his heart,make him a strong believer n jesus name amen♥

I'm waiting for smth to happen with these guys :/ I feel sorry for them, not Suga XD He have ways to get revenge you know XD