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Bookmarks: language for classroom collaboration. Use these to help your students communicate with groups, patterns, or whole class discussion. 21st century skills.


leaders : traditonal -vs- collaborative

"Whatever path we follow to build our communities, our leaders must instill a sense of trust and representation. The enemy here is in appearing contrived and disingenuous. Our inspiration must be natural and genuine. If you are real, your community will see that." - Jono Bacon


43 Clever Business Team Names

Business teams help to fuel collaboration and team building success. A good support size for a team should be 4 to 8 people with a diverse skill set, learning skills, and open socially. Proximity of the team is equally important with spaces more than 50 feet way becoming less likely to be used. A collection


90+ Funny Teacher Quotes: Download free posters and graphics for humorous quotations about teaching, education, students, kids, and learning.

TEAMI'm soooo looking forward to starting my school year in yet another new grade....3rd! I have 2 awesome teachers to join on with and collaborate some great new/innovative ideas.... Dina Spaziano Cochrane and Gina Carbone....G3!!!! I will be practicing Blended Learning along with another new tech savvy practice called Flipped Classroom!!! Big changes happening Anthony Carnevale Elementary School...HERE WE GO 2015-16!!! ‪#‎DreamBigBTS