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Incredible portraits of Maori women from the National Library of New Zealand.

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Maori Tattoos

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Maori women The Maori the Haka | THE STYLE ABETTOR

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Red and white #MakeUp - Beauty Works London

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happiness shines from this woman.

Her Campusfrom Her Campus

This Beautiful World: Standards of Beauty Around the World

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Maori People

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Maori Tattoos

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The Maori people of New Zealand have been decorating their faces with swirling blue tattoos called “moko” for centuries. Originally a sign of wealth for their ancestors, today most Maori people have moko. For women, the ultimate sign of beauty is full, blue lips and tattoos on the chin.

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Tuareg Woman

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Africa | Portrait of a Tuareg woman | Photographer ?

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Maori Women Dressed in Traditional Maori Costume, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand

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Maori woman. The permanent blue stain on a Maori woman’s tattooed mouth symbolized female beauty among her people in New Zealand. The personal facial tattoo, or moko, communicated her lineage, social position, and marriage eligibility. Photograph from Iles Photo/submitted by Chas J. Glidden, circa 1919

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Pare Watene 1878 (you can see the introduction of the black americans, some that fled from slavery to the Indian Nations, where they were accepted, lived free, married and had children)

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beautiful woman - faces of the people

Ruruku Elkington

Indigenous People

Maori People

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Elkington Maori

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Wetekia Ruruku Elkington, a Maori woman, taken around 1900. Some of her story at the link

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Bob Doherty

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Maori woman and baby,

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"maori woman". Auckland. 1880