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So as much as this looks absolutely amazing with the water sun and sand this was an extremely hard workout LMAO I didn't record it all but this was just one part. Beach workouts are the thing to do in the summer. If you can get to a beach once a week and do a few circuits for about 30 minutes it will have you dyingggg. Between the sand and heat We had so much fun with it and we were entertaining to the people tanning on the lounge chairs haha. Gotta love it... Best trip to Turks and many…

Hey y'all Follow me on Snapchat: CoachLeeNyc I'm lovin it. You can just watch my crazy self. My Fitness life laughs acting crazy and much more. All real and raw just how I like it. @glennellishair

REFLECT One thing I have really learned is never take for granted or be unappreciative of the opportunities life has brought you. Some people would say being on a reality show is something they would never do. For the people out there who think that way "Don't Judge till you walk a mile in someone's shoes" Truth is having the opportunity to be on Tv period is sometimes a once in a lifetime thing for people. People DREAM of being on television. People who are acting singing dancing etc. Most…

GoodMorning all!! Sometimes I need to take my own advice. #leelifestyle

Repost from @nickpags_47 Me and @coachleenyc taking over The War Room tonight!!! Come thru! You will not be disappointed. Link to sign up in the bio Let's get grindin Fam #newyearnewlevel #HumpDaygrind #Wednesdayworkout #NickPags #Ripped #PrimetimePags #PagsPower #grind #focus #bringtheJUICE #personaltrainer #fitness #fitfam #motivation #workout #exercise #grindgallery #groupfitness #RippedFitness #FasterStrongerBetter #TheWarRoom #instructorlife #UES #RyeBrook #NYC

Nothing better than spending time with my nieces. Little Hazel. #familia #skyesisters

Current Goal for 2017 No Pain in my body. Rehabbing this shoulder and alignment issue I'm having. Not a big deal but I really need to swallow my pride and take REAL care of it. Which means changing things up for the next 8-10 weeks! Going to get back to myself in no time! #CoachLee #LeeLifestyle #takeitslow

RIPPED TONIGHT 7:15pm Don't need to say much more