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Alyssa Eats Children. I LOVE this picture

Alyssa Eats Children

Mackenzie, or Mack

i did this style before i didnt like the lighter highlights in the front but i really liked the rest of the hair style i recommend this style

Alyssa Eats Children

This hairstyle ♡ I am trying to get my hair to be like this. I have layors I need to go away then it can be like this c:

I LOVE THIS HAIR AND STYLE .its not that im a die hard fan of emos...but their hairs pretty :) :P

Alyssa Eats Children


cute hair cut. I love the bangs and the wavyness!

Alyssa eats Children

Scene hair


Blonde Hair. She's so pretty and I want her hair cut so bad. I'm going to let hair grow out just for this.

I'm starting to see purple as a cool thing since it looks so classy :) maybe not quite this much, but I still like it!

Emo Hair/Scene Girl


I have no idea what "scene" is or why this hair style represents it but I love the color! Haha

Alyssa Eats Children