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Hey guys!! I have something really weird to say!! I ran into a wall and knocked myself out... But the next day, I woke up at home!! It's really been creeping me out because I was at the park by myself! *Scratches head* I'm so confused... Who could it be? This is awkward because if all this kidnapping stuff going around... Is someone watching me?

I want these glasses ! And time to gauge up?

Alyssa Eats Children

Alyssa Eats Children

Alyssa Eats Children

Black & White Dyed Hair ~~~ I Love Her Eyes Too ♥ ...Just Had To Say :3

So awesome :)

(OPEN RP NEED HIM) I walked through my new school keeping my head down. I was bullied at my old school then I wouldn't be treated any different here. I already got dirty looks walking through the hallways. Maybe it was my piercings or something. As I walked into my science class a boy looks at me sideways from across the room.

Alyssa eats children

I love her haaaaiiirrrr

Alyssa Eats Children

Scene hair. This is it, this is the hair I want!! Finally found something I think looks perfect :)