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The Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44) first modern assault rifle. Note the resemblance between the Russian AK-47 (developed in 1947-50) and this weapon.

Benelli M2. guns, weapons, self defense, protection, protect, knifes, concealed, 2nd amendment, america, 'merica, firearms, caliber, ammo, shells, ammunition, bore, bullets, munitions #guns #weapons

Type 56 assault rifle is the Chinese variant of the Russian AK-47 (photo by @Trish Papadakos Papadakos bortner Denu)

SL8 conversion to PSG-8 by Tom Bostics. Should be standard issue for all Americans

AK 47 with Vortex Optics Sparc and a Midwest Industries, Inc. rail. By Stickman. -

Magpul Tac Ak (Airsoft)