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It's not what you do. It's how you do it. iiSuperwomanii. Seriously, you have to be Indian to get half the jokes she makes.. or you just have to be really open minded. Superwoman is just like my idol...:) If you don't know her just go look her up

Momiplier plays FNAF <<< like mother, like son>>> omg, I LOVED THIS VIDEOOO

The greeting phil’s mum gave him when they call her (LOL) on WILL DAN AND PHIL BE MILLIONAIRES?!

Miranda Sings - this girl Colleen (who is actually a singer/comedian) has so much awkward that she created an alter ego for it. And I love her.

Tyler's Oakley's Tips for Life @marissakorson We were just watching and talking about him last night. I saw this and thought of you! :)