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Quilt from Brooklyn Quilting Co., love the fabric and pattern, need to sketch it out

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Jellyroll 1600

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sewing all your strips together then cut apart with sashing.

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using up the scraps block!

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A great layout for square in a square blocks! Sew we quilt: Sugar Flowers Tutorial By Quilting In the Rain

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Love the quilting, love the quilt.

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Large squares surrounded by white sashing and multiple small squares, in turn surrounded by white sashing. I wonder if this quilt is appliqued or sewn piece by piece

Batik Shadow

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shadow quilt

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This block rocks!

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Split Rail Baby Quilt Pattern | The Split Rail Fence blocks set on-point led to the precise piecing ...

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I like this quilt..

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Great idea to put together different quilt squares

Divinity Diamond

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Love this quilt!

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Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blogfrom Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog

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